Precision Investment Aerospace Castings

As the technical levels of the aviation and aerospace industry have grown, the quality and detail of aerospace casting has become a vital necessity for performance and safety. Bescast has worked to develop our unique capabilities in designing and engineering aerospace investment castings that are AS9100 compliant and meet our clients' exact requirements.

Aerospace Investment Casting Prototypes and Manufacturing

Meet the future of flight with the strength of Bescast as your aerospace castings manufacturer. Gain the advantage of an integrated aerospace investment casting team with decades of experience in design and manufacturing. We utilize the latest in aerospace casting software and technology, and our team works with our clients on prototype validation, process development, tooling and fabrication for a number of different industries and applications.

Aerospace Casting Consultation

For design validation and aerospace casting consultation, our engineering team will work with you to help bring your ideas to life. We use the industry proven casting simulation software ProCAST to test all elements of your aerospace casting design in simulation before and after prototyping.

Our Aerospace Investment Casting Factory


Our 75,000 square foot facility houses our design, engineering and manufacturing teams in one location. With our in-house design and fabrication, Bescast can rapidly generate prototype models and tooling for our team to form proofs of concept before full production commences.


Once a final product has been designed and prototyped, our manufacturing team takes over to produce parts using the best aerospace casting procedures and applications. Our aerospace investment casting factory allows us to manufacture our client's products at scale to meet their precise specifications at desired production volumes.

Aerospace Investment Casting: Frequently Asked Questions

Aerospace investment casting combines one of humanity's oldest industrial processes with the cutting edge of aviation and aerospace technology. Our role and responsibility is to fabricate precision components with the meticulous attention to detail required by our partners and the industries we serve. Here are a few frequently asked questions about our aerospace investment casting factory and design team:

What Are Your Core Competencies?

We support various elements of the gas turbine, gas compression, aviation and aerospace industries through a number of core AS9100 competencies that our customers rely on us to provide. A list of some of our aerospace castings includes:

• Structural Castings

• Turbine Blades and Vanes

• Air-Melted Alloy Castings (Up to 800 lbs. and 26" Diameter)

• Open and Closed-Face Impellers

• Solid and Cored Castings

How Are You Different from Other Aerospace Investment Casting Companies?

We believe that our decades of experience as an aerospace investment casting manufacturer, combined with our in-house teams that can design, engineer, prototype and produce our client's blueprints in one location, give us an advantage. When it comes to project lead times, cost savings and quality control, our environment, equipment and technology makes us one of the premier aerospace casting suppliers in the world.

What Alloys Are Available for Your Aerospace Castings?

We work with a number of different pours depending on project specifications. Our specialty extends beyond aerospace steel castings into cobalt and nickel alloys for various applications. Our production capabilities allow us to use a full range of aerospace casting materials.

Make Bescast Your Certified Aerospace Castings Supplier

With a number of production competencies and quality certifications, Bescast is an approved aerospace investment casting supplier for a diverse array of global clients and industries. Our aerospace castings are used in a multitude of projects, from turbines to wind vanes, air foils and more. As an ISO-certified aerospace castings manufacturer, our work is trusted for quality and use in today's diverse aviation and aerospace casting applications. Contact us to learn more about our capabilities.


Manufacturing Capacity

• 75,000 ft2 manufacturing facility

• 10,000 ft engineering and customer service

• 200+ full-time employees

Bescast's Current Facility

Alloys Currently Poured on a Production Basis


• 15-5PH

• 17-4PH

• 300 Series

• 400 Series


• MM509

• L605  

• X40 (S31)  

• WI-52

Nickel (vacuum)

• HastX

• IN100  

• IN625

• IN713

• IN718  

• IN738

• IN792

• MM247

• R77

• R80

• R125

• U500

Quality Certifications

• ISO9001:2015

• AS9100 Rev D

• Nadcap

• Heat Treat

• NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) (Radiography & Penetrant)

• Welding

Approved Supplier To:

• Advanced Atomization Technologies
• Collins Aerospace
• Eaton Corporation
• GE Aviation
• Parker Hannifin

• Pratt Whitney Canada
• Prat Whitney America
• Rolls Royce N.A.    
• Siemens Energy
• Solar Turbines

• Woodward