High Presion Inconel Castings

Inconel castings can be an excellent choice if your application requires high strength and outstanding corrosion and temperature resistance. Bescast puts its decades of expertise to use, investment casting a wide range of Inconel grades. You can rely on our design, engineering and manufacturing experience to deliver the parts you need.

Inconel Casting Services That Meet Your Specifications

High levels of chromium and molybdenum in Inconel give it outstanding corrosion protection. At the same time, high levels of grain boundary precipitate hardeners like titanium, tantalum, columbium (niobium) or aluminum provide superior high-temperature strength. Unlike stainless steel, which weakens as it gets hotter, superalloys like Inconel retain their full strength at 90% of their melting temperature.


Bescast's Inconel casting services take advantage of these properties to create components that meet your specific requirements. We use vacuum-assist casting to produce parts out of Inconel grades like 100, 625, 713, 718, 738 and 792. Inconel's toughness and hardness make it difficult to machine. But Bescast's investment casting expertise is well-suited to creating parts that put all of Inconel's properties to good use.

Inconel Casting Applications

Inconel castings are used in many applications that require outstanding resistance to high temperatures and corrosion. Components made of Inconel are found in the aerospace, salt water and chemical processing industries. Applications include:

  • Jet engine gas turbine blades
  • High-speed airframe castings
  • Land-based gas turbine castings
  • Oil field castings
  • Rocket motor castings
  • Nuclear reactor component castings
  • Cryogenic pumps

Frequently Asked Questions About Inconel Castings

As a go-to Inconel casting supplier, Bescast has all the technical knowledge and expertise you expect from an industry leader. Our customers rely on Bescast Inconel castings for the solutions they need. Read the following questions to learn more about Inconel and our capabilities.

What Materials are Inconel Castings Made Of?

Inconel castings generally consist of 60% nickel, 19% iron, 18% chromium and trace amounts of materials like cobalt, aluminum, molybdenum and titanium.

What Services Does Bescast Offer?

You can rely on Bescast for a broad array of services, including design, engineering, prototyping and testing. We use ProCAST software with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to accurately simulate casting processes. Bescast provides a competitive edge for our customers through our strong relationships with partners in tooling creation, core design and production, painting, coatings and inspection services.

What Certifications Does Bescast Hold?

Our commitment to quality is evident in the numerous certifications we hold. We're certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Rev D. Additional certifications include:


  • NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) (Radiography & Penetrant)
  • Heat Treat
  • Welding

Trust Your Inconel Castings to Bescast

Now that you understand our extensive customer advantages, you're ready for the next step. Bescast uses the best in state-of-the-art tools and technology to deliver Inconel castings that help achieve your goals. Contact us today to put our expertise to work on your next project.


Manufacturing Capacity

• 75,000 ft2 manufacturing facility

• 10,000 ft engineering and customer service

• 200+ full-time employees

Bescast's Current Facility

Alloys Currently Poured on a Production Basis


• 15-5PH

• 17-4PH

• 300 Series

• 400 Series


• MM509

• L605  

• X40 (S31)  

• WI-52

Nickel (vacuum)

• HastX

• IN100  

• IN625

• IN713

• IN718  

• IN738

• IN792

• MM247

• R77

• R80

• R125

• U500

Quality Certifications

• ISO9001:2015

• AS9100 Rev D

• Nadcap

• Heat Treat

• NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) (Radiography & Penetrant)

• Welding

Approved Supplier To:

• Advanced Atomization Technologies
• Collins Aerospace
• Eaton Corporation
• GE Aviation
• Parker Hannifin

• Pratt Whitney Canada
• Prat Whitney America
• Rolls Royce N.A.    
• Siemens Energy
• Solar Turbines

• Woodward