Bescast Capabilities and Production


Bescast’s unique capabilities help ensure quality by centralizing all manufacturing and logistics functions under an experienced, reliable and accountable source. 

Design and Engineering

While products are manufactured exclusively to our customers’ designs and specifications, our engineering expertise is available throughout design, development and manufacturing stages.

• Rapid Prototyping: from print to 3D prototype in minutes – Bescast utilizes superior engineering tools,  such as CAD CAM and ProCAST  to emulate and validate all manufacturing operations quickly.

• Tooling:  Includes all tools and fixtures, from ceramic core dies to airfoils and  automated wax pattern injection dies. 

ProCast Software

Casting process simulation is now widely accepted as an important tool in product design and process development to improve yield and casting quality. ProCAST uses the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to simulate casting processes with high accuracy and ease the understanding of solidification.

Based on powerful Finite Element solvers and advanced specific options developed with leading research institutes and industries, ProCAST provides an efficient and accurate solution to meet the casting industry needs. Compared to a traditional trial-and-error approach, ProCAST is the key solution to reduce manufacturing costs, shorten lead times for mold developments and improve the casting process quality. Fewer than 13% of casting companies in the world possess this valuable tool.

By using ProCAST, Bescast provides a complete software solution allowing for predictive evaluations of the entire casting process including mold filling, solidification, microstructure and thermo-mechanical simulations. It enables to rapidly visualize the effects of gating design and allows for correct decision making at an early stage of the manufacturing process.

Bescast’s Engineers will combine your electronic model and the casting process realities to provide critical feedback necessary to optimize the design. The end result is the concurrent engineering discipline that ensures a reliable casting process and dependable lead times for your castings.

CAD Capabilities

Using your electronic data, we download your solid model or CAD drawing into our fully integrated CAD-CAM system, allowing us to quickly generate rapid prototype models and launch tool builds in our in-house Tooling Department


Manufacturing Capacity

• 75,000 ft2 manufacturing facility

• 10,000 ft engineering and customer service

• 200+ full-time employees

Alloys Currently Poured on a Production Basis


• 15-5PH

• 17-4PH

• 300 Series

• 400 Series


• MM509

• L605  

• X40 (S31)  

• WI-52

Nickel (vacuum)

• HastX

• IN100  

• IN625

• IN713

• IN718  

• IN738

• IN792

• MM247

• R77

• R80

• R125

• U500

Quality Certifications

• ISO9001:2015

• AS9100 Rev D

• Nadcap

• Heat Treat

• NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) (Radiography & Penetrant)

• Welding

Approved Supplier To:

• Advanced Atomization Technologies
• Collins Aerospace
• Eaton Corporation
• GE Aviation
• Parker Hannifin

• Pratt Whitney Canada
• Prat Whitney America
• Rolls Royce N.A.    
• Siemens Energy
• Solar Turbines

• Woodward

Production Competencies

Structural castings; open and closed-face impellers; turbine blades and vanes; solid and cored castings. Air-melted alloy castings to 800 lbs. pour, and 26” diameter. Vacuum-melted alloy castings to 70 lbs. pour, and 18" x 25” envelope. Supporting aerospace, industrial gas turbine, and gas compression markets.